Dilemma of Life

Dilemma of life

What we expect of life, our life is what we think what we act and what we perceive things. sometimes it happen that there are so many ways and so many things to do in your life but its the priority which shifts in between the task , actions and things.

suppose there is a guy who have set some goals in his life and he might be trying to achieve it and then goes ahead for it, but suddenly something more interesting , more and  he thinks oblivion by that person . what may be the consequences very tragic.

If some one fall in love with a person , he becomes very cautious about that person , but guys see this is the digital era now a days there are many ways to connect to strangers through phone , social networking websites, Skype, Whats app etc. so how can one judges the sincerity of a person whom he is in love with. There are deceitful treacherous words, so the sincerity of someone is difficult to measure.

What is true love?  this is the question when we ask our elder they responds by telling the mysterious folk love stories of legends. if we go through the pages of books which are also full of such stories , hence its again very difficult to know the answer of true love. so therefore it again happens that a person is being compelled to a dilemma. so the dilemma of life appears in sight of that person;who can’t decide what to act where to go. True love might be the chapter of the past , but now a days one can’t know how  is the true love? and how are relations in these gadgets era. Some simple person who still believe in true relationship and love are really great. so the person who is in love with a single person is vulnerable to be euthanasia by their loved one.

Life is a way of living happily but what happens when someone have to face such a dilemma of life; and he is unable to decide in between the things to do and thins to go for. hence dilemma of life is surely the enigma.


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